AC Gold provide a range of electrical contractor services, solar PV installation and solar panel repair & maintenance services.

Our Services

AC Gold carry out a range of project managed electrical contractor services for the commercial and local authority sector including rewiring, electrical testing and installation of emergency lighting, carbon monoxide alarms and fire & smoke alarms.

Installing solar panels allows you to generate your own carbon free electricity and is one of the easiest ways to benefit from renewable energy. Earn money with the government feed-in tariff for the electricity you produce and save money on electricity bills.

Solar PV system not performing like it should be? AC Gold can repair or replace broken solar panels, fix faulty inverters or carry out wiring diagnostics to get your system back up and generating.

Case Studies

  • 29.9 kW Commercial Solar PV Installation Kinlochard, Trossachs

    AC Gold carried out this 29.9 kW solar panel installation on a shed roof of a farm in Kinlochard, Trossachs, near Stirling. The customer had originally planned to install two smaller solar PV systems, but after learning that they would only be able to receive the feed-in tariff payments for…

  • 9.9 kW Solar PV Ground Mount Installation Balquhidder

    AC Gold installed this 9.9 kW ground mounted solar PV system for a customer in the picturesque setting of Balquhidder, Stirlingshire. The solar system was specifically chosen to be smaller than 10 kW as going above this size would have required the customer to apply for a G59 application from…

  • North Lanarkshire Council Solar PV Carbon Reduction and Energy Saving Mission

    Description of Project Planning, coordination and installation of 10kWh Solar PV systems on the roofs of 32 Schools across North Lanarkshire (Airdrie, Coatbridge, Hamilton and Motherwell) for a combined total of 320 kWp solar generation.  A bespoke FIT (feed in tariff) calculator was provided to our client which was designed…

  • 3.5 kW Solar PV Installation Alloa

    We recently installed 3.5 kW solar panel system for a client based in Cambus, Clackmannanshire. This solar photovoltaic system is estimated to generate about 3000 kWh’s per year and should earn the solar PV system’s owner around £350 per year in feed-in-tariff payments during the 20 year.    

  • 1.75kW Solar PV Panel Installation Glenrothes

    This small solar PV system (1.75kW) was installed in a home in Glenrothes. The solar system consists of 7 solar panels and was installed on the garage roof adjoining the house.

  • 4kW Solar PV Installation Larbert

    A 4kW solar panel system installed to aesthetically match the shape of the roof of the house in Larbert, Falkirk. This solar solar photovotaic system is estimated to generate over 3000 kWh’s per year and should earn the solar PV system’s owner around £476 per year in feed-in tariff payments…

  • 2.75kW Solar PV Installation Clackmannanshire

    Eleven solar panels make up this 2.75kW solar PV system installed in Clackmannanshire. The solar panels were installed on the south-west facing roof of the house. Additional panels were not installed on the other side of the roof as there would not be sufficient sunlight to warrant a good enough…

  • 50kW Solar PV Installation Perthshire

    Installing solar panels on agricultural buildings is a smart way to utilise unused roof space and convert your roof into an asset. This farmer in Perthshire installed a 200 solar panels on the roof of his chicken shed which gives him a 50kW solar system. The electricity generated by the…

  • 10kW Solar PV Installation Cumbernauld

    Woodlands primary school in Cumbernauld was installed with a 10kW solar panel system as part of upgrades by North Lanarkshire council to reduce the carbon footprint of their properties. Three other North Lanarkshire buildings were installed with solar PV systems during the same project, ranging from 4kW to 10kW sytems.

  • 10kW Solar Panel Installation Cumbernauld

    St Maurices High school in Cumbernauld had a 10kW solar PV system installed as part of North Lanarkshire council’s first round of renewable energy upgrades to reduce carbon emissions. Three other properties in the North Lanarkshire had solar panels installed by AC Gold Energy during the same project.

  • 10kW Solar Panel Installation Motherwell

    As part of North Lanarkshire council’s commitment to reducing carbon emissions, AC Gold Energy have installed electricity generating solar PV systems on a number of council owned properties throughout the area. Muir Street Primary school was one of four buildings to have solar panels installed during the first phase of…

  • 1.92kW solar PV installation North Berwick

    This 8 panel solar PV system was installed on a garage roof adjoining the main property. The small size of the system means that the payback time will be longer than on a 4kW solar system, but with a R.O.I. of approximately 8% the owner is set to profit by…

  • 4kW Solar Panels Installation Fife

    Black solar PV panels were installed on this roof in Fife to blend with the concrete tiles. The solar system is estimated to earn it’s owner over £26k during it’s lifetime in feed-in tariff payments, electricity savings and electricity that is exported back to the national grid.

  • 4kW Solar PV Panel Installation Fife

    16 solar panels were able to be installed on the roof of this detached house in Fife despite the skylight windows. The solar PV panels were installed in symetrical pattern for aesthetic appeal.

  • Dornoch Primary School 4kW Solar Panel Installation Highlands

    AC Gold Energy installed solar PV systems for the Hightland Coucil on a number of schools throughout the Inveress and the Highlands. The electrical generation of each solar PV system was linked to the council’s Inverness headquarters so that they could monitor the generation of each and every solar system.

  • 4kW solar panel installation Fife

    This 16 panel solar panel installation in Fife was fitted to the metal roof of the shed next to the house.

  • 2.88kW Solar PV Panel Installation Grantown-on-Spey

    Twelve solar photovoltaic panels were installed on the roof of this small cottage in Grantown-on-Spey. This solar system should earn the owner just under £35k during the 20 year lifetime of the system through the feed-in tariff and electricity savings.

  • 4kW Solar PV Installation Edinburgh

    Black solar panels were installed on the roof of this Edinburgh home to better match it’s roof and therefore be less visible. The solar system is a full 16 panel 4kW system and is estimated to make the owner of the solar PV system over £20k in profit over the…

  • 4kW Solar PV Installation Dunblane

    A 16 solar panel intallation on a modern built, traditional style house in  Dunblane. The entire solar PV system is installed on the south facing roof of the house giving it maximum exposure to the sun.

  • Scottish Natural Heritage Farm House Solar PV Installation Dumfries & Galloway

    This farm house in Dumfries and Galloway is owned by Scottish Natural Heritage who wanted to lower their carbon footprint. Even though the roof is interrupted by two gable windows, AC Gold Energy were able to install a full 4kW solar panel system by splitting the solar PV array into…

  • Solar Panel Installation Aberdeen

    A 4kW solar pv array installed on a detached house in Aberdeen. The solar PV system is expected to earn a profit of almost £21k by the end of the solar system’s lifetime.

  • 4kW Solar PV Panel Installation Inverness

    This small bungalow in Inverness was able to install a 16 panel 4kW solar PV system which should generate around £19k of profit over the systems lifetime.

  • 4kW Solar PV Installation North Queensferry, Fife

    This detached villa in Fife installed a 4kW 16 panel solar pv array – the largest solar PV system possible for a domestic property with a regular 1 phase power supply.

  • 4kW Solar PV Installation Laurencekirk, Aberdeenshire

    16 solar panels were split into 2 arrays in order to fit this 4kW solar PV array on the property in Laurencekirk, Aberdeen. The panels were not to be fitted on the main property but were instead to be installed on the shed roof. As the shed roof was not…

  • Solar PV Installation Glenrothes

    This small 2.5 kW solar panel installation in Glenrothes should generate around £10,000 of profit for the home owner over the 20 lifetime of the feed-in tariff.

  • Bogside Farm Cottage 4kW Solar PV Installation Cumbernauld, Glasgow

    This terraced farm cottage was able to accomodate the 16 panels required to make up a full 4kW solar PV system without the need to have the solar panels installed on both sides of the roof by splitting the solar array.

  • 4kW Solar PV Installation Inverness

    A 4kW solar PV system with wireless remote monitoring was installed on the roof of Tomacross School in Beauly near Inverness as part of a larger Highland Council solar PV scheme.

  • 10kW Solar PV Installation Perth

    This house in Perth was able to accomodate a 10kW solar PV installation because it part of a farm which already had a 3 phase power supply. The skylight windows on the roof meant that the solar array had to be split onto two roofs with a south / south-east…

  • 10kW Solar PV Installation Aberdeen

    We designed the 10kW solar PV array to suit the aesthetics of this attractive bespoke house in Ardoe, Aberdeenshire. The system was split into 2 arrays in order to accommodate the 38 panels required to make up the 10kW output. The house already had a 3 phase power supply so…

  • 4kW Solar PV Installation Livingston

    Mr Doig’s semi-detached roof in Livingston was able to support a 4kW solar PV system by installing solar panels on both sides of his roof which face East and West. The East facing solar PV array generates electricity from sunrise until around noon, and as it’s exposure to sunlight diminishes,…

  • 4kW Solar PV Installation Denny, Falkirk

    The south facing roof of Mr Gillespie’s home in Denny near Falkirk was able to comfortably fit a 16 panel 4kW solar PV electricity generating system.

  • 4kW solar PV installation Aberdeen

    Mr White of Alford, Aberdeen contacted AC Gold Energy on the advice of his friend. He had been informed by several other solar PV companies that the roof of his home would not accommodate a 16 panel 4kW solar PV system because of both its size and the complications added…

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