200kW ETA Hack Biomass Grain Dryer Installation, Nether Aden Farm, Mintlaw, AB42

200kW ETA Hack Biomass Grain Dryer Installation, Nether Aden Farm, Mintlaw, AB42

This was AC Gold’s first biomass fired grain drying installation from back in 2013. The customer was worried about spiralling oil costs which already had annual costs exceeding £18,500.
The purpose built plant room was built parallel to the grain dryer in the clients grain drying shed.

The system outputs to large fin-coiled heat exchangers where it produces temperatures up to 51°C to the customers’ existing industrial fan. The fan then blows this heat up and under the grain dryer’s tray floor to dry the grain. This solution has turned what was an expensive process into a profitable solution, not only does the client benefit from the fuel savings but he also now gets paid to perform an essential task.

This biomass grain drying system has been in place for over 2 years now and has seen many successful harvests where the owner has not only dried all his own grain, but has also taken in his neighbours’ harvests to dry too! It has proven that switching to biofuels can not only decrease costs and CO2 emissions when processing an agricultural crop, but also increase the profitability of the farm as a whole.

For domestic or small/medium business, AC Gold Energy recommend Swedish made Varmebaronen biomass boilers due to their competitive pricing and high efficiency. Varmebaronen domestic pellet boilers are available in 20 kW to 25 kW outputs. Varmebaronen log boilers are available in 30 kW – 65 kW outputs. The Varmebaronen Vedolux fan assisted log boilers can also be quickly converted into a dual fuel log/pellet system which burns wood pellets by simply attaching the Viking Bio pellet burner – one of the most efficient class 5 pellet burners available the the UK.

Location: Nether Aden Farm, Mintlaw, AB42
Project type: Biomass grain dryer
Install type: ETA HACK 200 kW boiler
Previous fuel type and cost: Oil £18,885.10 per year
Renewable fuel type and cost: Woodchip £9,616.69 per year
Fuel savings: £8,971.74 (in year 1)
RHI payments: £21,703.34 (in year 1)
CO2 savings: 60 tonnes per year
Total net return (lifetime): £1,075,500.00
Return on investment: 2.3 years

Comment from customer:

“I’ve had four problem free harvests from the boiler and AC Gold have provided great support and technical knowledge every step of the way.”

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