29.9 kW Commercial Solar PV Installation Kinlochard, Trossachs

29.9 kW Commercial Solar PV Installation Kinlochard, Trossachs

AC Gold carried out this 29.9 kW solar panel installation on a shed roof of a farm in Kinlochard, Trossachs, near Stirling.

The customer had originally planned to install two smaller solar PV systems, but after learning that they would only be able to receive the feed-in tariff payments for one system, opted instead to install one larger solar system.

This 29.9 kW array is made up of 115 SolarWorld Sunmodule Plus Poly solar panels, each rated at 260 watt. The panels are installed on the shed roof at a pitch of 15° and are facing due south so get maximum sun exposure.

The solar array is estimated to generate 23,352 kW of electricity per year.

Location: Kinlochard
Roof type: Metal Clad Shed Roof
Solar panel orientation: South
Solar panel inclination: 15°
System size: 29.9 kW
Annual solar radiation: 781kk
Estimated electricity generated annually: 23,352 kWh
Estimated electricity savings (pa) in 1st year: £1,634.63
Generation (FiT) revenue (pa) in 1st year: £1,041.49
Estimated export credit (pa) in 1st year: £573.29
Estimated annual income & savings in 1st year: £3,249.42
Estimated total income & savings: £85,318.22
Estimated profit on initial investment: £61,823.22
Estimated payback time: 7 years
Estimated rate of return: 15.2%
Estimated annual CO2 savings: 13.26 tonnes

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