4kW Solar PV Installation Denny, Falkirk

4kW Solar PV Installation Denny, Falkirk

The south facing roof of Mr Gillespie’s home in Denny near Falkirk was able to comfortably fit a 16 panel 4kW solar PV electricity generating system.
Solar PV Panel Quantity: 16 Panel Output Wattage: 250 W Photovoltaic System Size: 4 kW Aperture Size: 25.98 m2 Annual Solar Radiation: 858 Estimated Electricity Generated Annually: 3,432 kW Generation (FiT) Revenue (pa) in 1st year: £52,990 Estimated electricity savings (pa) in 1st year: £205.92 Estimated Export Credit (pa) in 1st year: £77.22 Estimated Total Income & Savings: £813.04 Estimated Profit on Initial Investment: £20,773.96 Estimated Payback: 6 years Estimated rate of return: 16% Estimated CO2 saving: 1.95 tonnes per year Description of property: Detached villa with Rosemary tile roof Roof Direction: South

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