4kW Solar PV Installation Laurencekirk, Aberdeenshire

4kW Solar PV Installation Laurencekirk, Aberdeenshire

16 solar panels were split into 2 arrays in order to fit this 4kW solar PV array on the property in Laurencekirk, Aberdeen. The panels were not to be fitted on the main property but were instead to be installed on the shed roof. As the shed roof was not big enough to support all 16 panels, our engineers arranged to split the solar array into 2 pieces and placed the solar panels on both shed roofs.

Solar PV Panel Quantity: 16
Panel Output Wattage: 250 W
Photovoltaic System Size: 4 kW
Aperture Size: 26.16 m2
Annual Solar Radiation: 822
Estimated Electricity Generated Annually: 3,288 kW
Generation (FiT) Revenue (pa) in 1st year: £690.48
Estimated electricity savings (pa) in 1st year: £197.28
Estimated Export Credit (pa) in 1st year: £50.96
Estimated Total Income & Savings: £37,019.77
Estimated Profit on Initial Investment: £30,219.77
Estimated Payback: 6 years
Estimated rate of return: 16.7%
Estimated CO2 saving:  1.87 tonnes per year
Description of property: Outbuilding sheds
Roof Direction: South-west

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