90kW Wood Chip Biomass Boiler Installation Glasgow

90kW Wood Chip Biomass Boiler Installation Glasgow

A 90kW ETA wood chip biomass boiler heats multiple dwellings in this district biomass heating system near Glasgow.

The owner of the biomass district heating system is able to heat his home, his rental cottages and also heat his workshed.

The renewable heat incentive makes a huge contribution to the repayment of the sytem, and the abundant access to local firewood means that even more savings can be made on the fuel costs.

For domestic customers or small/medium sized business, we recommend high quality Swedish made Varmebaronen biomass boilers because of their extremely high efficiency, value for money, ease of use and flexibility. Varmebaronen manufacture pellet boilers and log boilers – some of which can operate as duel-fuel log/pellet biomass boilers thanks to the attachable Viking Bio pellet burner. If you wish to combine multiple heat sources, such as a pellet boiler and a solar thermal panel, the Aqualux accumulator tanks are stratified, with a built in solar coil and internal DHW tank.

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