Biomass district heating system Aberdeen

Biomass district heating system Aberdeen

The client wanted to replace his inefficient aging oil boilers at multiple properties on his estate in Turriff with one biomass district heating system. The district heating had to supply the central heating and hot water demands on Byth House and an adjacent holiday rental cottage with the option of adding on his father’s home at a later date.

No longer owning horses, the client wanted to convert the existing stables into a plant room to include a fuel hopper, with any spare space to be used as general storage/work area. The stables was already segregated into three 4×4 metre sections and this was perfect for the ETA HACK 90kW wood fired biomass system with 2000 Litre buffer tank and custom 4 metre x 4 metre woodchip hopper.

The client is delighted with the performance of his new biomass district heating system’s performance, the income stream he receives from the renewable heat incentive (RHI) and the fuel savings he is making since installation.

The client’s father who was initially reluctant to swap his LPG boiler for a biomass boiler at the initial stage took great interest throughout the installation and is considering adding his house on to the centralised system at an earlier date than originally planned.

Location: Blyth House, Turriff, Aberdeenshire, AB 53
Project type: District heating system
Install type: ETA HACK 90 kW biomass boiler
Previous fuel type and cost: Oil £8,178.84 per year
Renewable fuel type and cost: Wood chips £4,275.46 per year
Fuel savings: £3,903.38 (48%) (in year 1)
RHI payments: £7,862.97 (in year 1)
Total net return (lifetime): £413,765.07
Return on investment: 21.40% (year 1)

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