Biomass Grain Dryer & District Heating System Install Aberdeen

Biomass Grain Dryer & District Heating System Install Aberdeen

This project started off as a agricultural biomass grain drying system and evolved to include the heating supply of the farm house. AC Gold installed this biomass system in an existing shed connecting to the adjacent grain dryer floor.

Throughout the project AC Gold consulted with the client on the upgrade of his grain drying system, including the reconstruction of the tunnel and grain drying floor. We upgraded and added speed controls to the industrial fan that takes the air from the heat exchanger to the dryer. The 200 kW heat exchanger is built into the tunnel ensuring minimum heat loss during transference.

The house is connected via an underground pipeline and a brazed plate heat exchanger which allows 40 kW’s of continuous heat to be supplied 24 hours a day.

Location: Mid Clochforbie, Turriff, Aberdeen
Project type: Grain dryer & district heating system
Install type: ETA HACK 200 kW boiler
Previous fuel type and cost: Oil £18,495.35 per year
Renewable fuel type and cost: Woodchips £9,668.39 per year
Fuel savings: £8826.96 (in year 1)
RHI payments: £21,964.82 per year
CO2 savings: 67 tonnes per year
Total net return (lifetime): £1,075,470.49
Estimated payback time: 3 years

“AC Gold have been fantastic to work with. I’m delighted with the way the sytem is running and it’s provided hassle free operation.

Being able to heat the house was a real bonus.”

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