Biomass Grain Dryer & District Heating System Perth & Kinross

Biomass Grain Dryer & District Heating System Perth & Kinross

Situated in Alyth, Perthshire, the client has had two biomass systems installed by AC Gold. This is the first and largest of the two; a wood chip fired ETA HACK 200kW biomass system to supply heat to his existing grain dryer, the farm house and two long term rental cottages.

The biomass system with 8000 Litres of buffer volume is installed in a plant room conversion that was initially used as a cattle shed. This is in a central location on the farm and connects to its heat dependencies via a network of Rehau Rauthermex Closed Cell Underground Pipeline.

The biomass system was replacing three oil-fired ‘combi’ boilers at the farmhouse and cottages and did not have domestic hot water cylinders to supply the hot water demand. We offered the client multiple solutions which was then narrowed down to two choices; new hot water cylinders or hydraulic interface units. The decision was to go with the heat interface units at all properties due to the high efficiency and smaller space. The client could not be happier with this solution and has said that his house has never been warmer and there is plenty of hot water.

Location: Leitfie Farm, Alyth
Project type: Grain dryer & district heating system
Install type: ETA HACK 200 kW boiler
Previous fuel type and cost: Oil £20,700 per year
Renewable fuel type and cost: Woodchips £9,668 per year
Fuel savings: £8,861.80 (in year 1)
RHI payments: £19,872.94 per year
CO2 savings: 65 tonnes per year
Total net return (lifetime): £1,049,216.00
Estimated payback time: 4 years

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