ETA HACK 200kW Biomass Grain Dryer Installation Aberdeen

ETA HACK 200kW Biomass Grain Dryer Installation Aberdeen

AC Gold installed this agricultural biomass grain drying system in the corner of an existing shed. The ETA HACK 200 kW biomass boiler supplies heat to the grain drying system which is connected to a 200 kW coil finned heat exchangers at the grain drier.

The heat exchanger utilises the existing industrial fan unit to blow air produced by the ETA HACK woodchip boiler to the grain drying chamber. AC Gold supplied and installed a new fan controller unit to allow the existing centrifugal fan to operate.

The biomass boiler was connected to the grain dryer using Geberit carbon steel pipework. This was insulated in foil backed lagging and run internally for approximately 50 metres at high level from the new plant room to the grain dryer.

The 3-phase distribution board at the grain drier was at full capacity so a new distribution board was installed at this location.

Additional construction was carried out by AC Gold to move the door accessing the grain drying fan house to the other side (see pictures).

Location: Kinkell Farm, Inverurie, Aberdeen
Project type: Biomass Grain dryer
Install type: ETA HACK 200 kW boiler
Previous fuel type and cost: Oil £20,831 per year
Renewable fuel type and cost: Woodchips £11,925 per year
Fuel savings: £8,906 (in year 1)
RHI payments: £22,600.80 per year
CO2 savings: 67.92 tonnes per year
Total net return (lifetime): £1,155,463
Estimated payback time: 3 years

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