Varmebaronen dual fuel log pellet biomass boiler system Scotland

Varmebaronen dual fuel log pellet biomass boiler system Scotland

This dual fuel log and pellet biomass boiler installation replaced an old, expensive LPG heating system. This gives the property’s occupants the flexibility to burn logs (which are cheaper) for the majority of the time, but also to automate the system by burning pellets. The log boiler chosen for this domestic biomass installation was a 30 kW Vedolux 30 log boiler by Varmebaronen. This can be fitted with the Viking Bio pellet burner converting the log boiler to a pellet boiler. The Pellet Hopper 200 is a small pellet hopper which is situated beside the log boiler and feeds pellets to the attachable pellet burner.

The homeowners were able to take advantage of the renewable heat incentive to help pay for their new dual fuel biomass system installation. They also have access to a cheap and abundant supply of local logs which further incentivised their decision to install biomass.  As well as heating the house, the biomass boiler was also to heat a large onsite garage so that it could be used throughout the winter.

Location: Glendevon, Dollar
Building type: Bungalow
Install type: Varmebaronen Vedolux 30kW log boiler / Viking Bio 200 pellet burner
Previous fuel type and cost: LPG £2,142.90 per year
Renewable fuel type and cost: Logs and wood pellets £383.28 per year
Fuel savings: £82%
RHI payments: £2,933.29 (in year 1) / £22,340.56 (lifetime)
CO2 savings: 5.52 tonnes per year
Total net return (lifetime): £7,369.32
Return on investment: 24% (year 1)

A Vedolux 30 log boiler was installed with a Viking Bio 200 pellet burner attachment. The hot water generated by the biomass boiler is stored in two 750 Litre accumulator tanks comprising of a statified Aqualux 750 Teknik accumulator tank and an Aqualux UB 750 accumulator tank.

A Varmebaronen Pellet Hopper 200 was also installed to accomodate the pellets that would be required when the Viking Bio 200 was in use.

The whole system was installed within a preexisting shed beside the house and a heat exchanger blower unit was fitted in the garage.

Comment from customer:

“Since the Värmebaronen system has been installed, the house became much warmer and it is definitely much cheaper to run than our old LPG boiler. The Värmebaronen system is easy to use and it seems to be easy to maintain.”

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