Varmebaronen Pellmax UB Biomass Boiler Installation Bridge Of Allan

Varmebaronen Pellmax UB Biomass Boiler Installation Bridge Of Allan

The farm house was heated by a 15 year old gas boiler which had started to develop regular faults. The hot water temperature would fluctuate greatly – being dangerously hot at times.

The client wanted to move away from a gas to a more environmentally friendly alternative. Wood pellets were a good option because the system could be automatically fed and thus the routine would not differ greatly from their previous gas system. A Viking Bio 200 pellet burner was fitted with a Pellmax UB Pellet Boiler, alongside a 500 liter Aqualux Teknik accumulator tank to ensure a large volume of hot water is available on demand. The biomass system was installed in an outside garage, with an underground pipe layed to the kitchen and plumbed into the existing radiator system.

Location: Bridge of Allan
Building type: Large 4 bedroom farm house
Install type: Värmebaronen Pellmax UB pellet boiler
Previous fuel type and cost: Gas £1,639.00 per year
Renewable fuel type and cost: Pellets £1,523.35 per year
Fuel savings: 7%
RHI payments: £3,419 per year
CO2 savings: 4.96 tonnes per year
Total net return (lifetime): £26,922.85
Return on investment: 25.95%

Comment from customer

“Since having the biomass wood pellet boiler system fitted, the house is at a consistent and comfortable temperature. My daughter’s bedroom is east facing and used to become very cold in the early morning hours – to the point that it was interrupting her sleep. Her room has benefited hugely from the the persistent temperature. The hot water in our kitchen is also no longer coming through at irregular temperatures which before could be scaldingly hot. Showers are piping hot and we now have an outside tap for washing cars and filling the hot tub etc.”

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