Varmebaronen Vedolux 30kW Log Boiler plus Viking Bio 200 Pellet Burner Installation Inverclyde

Varmebaronen Vedolux 30kW Log Boiler plus Viking Bio 200 Pellet Burner Installation Inverclyde

The original 40 year old oil boiler had started to develop maintenance problems and was costing the homeowner over £2000 per year for heating oil – and the house was never warm! It was estimated that it would cost £4000 to warm the house to a comfortable level with the old oil boiler.

The client wanted to replace his old end of life oil boiler with a more environmentally friendly biomass boiler and reduce his heating bills.

The Varmebaronen Vedolux range of  log boilers was appealing to the client because they also allowed him the flexibility to burn wood pellets by attaching a Viking Bio pellet burner. To ensure maximum efficiency, two 750 litre Aqualux accumulator tanks were installed to allow the biomass heating system to store a large amount of heat generated from the biomass boiler. A 200 litre pellet store was also installed to store the wood pellets for when the Viking Bio pellet burner is in operation.


Vedolux 30 log boiler
Viking Bio 200 pellet burner
Aqualux 750 Teknik accumulator tank
Aqualux 750 UB accumulator tank
Pellet Hopper 200


Location: Kilmacolm, Inverclyde
Building type: 4 bedroom bungalow (build 1974)
Install type: Värmebaronen Vedolux 30kW log boiler with Viking Bio 200 Pellet Burner
Previous fuel type and cost: Heating Oil £2,400 per year
Renewable fuel type and cost: Logs/pellets £1,600 per year
Fuel savings: £800 per year
RHI payments: £3,700 per year
CO2 savings: 7.4 tonnes per year
Total net return (lifetime): £72,437.68
Return on investment: 18%

Comment from customer

“The 30 kW Värmebaronen biomass boiler has been working now for 5 weeks. It was installed by AC Gold of Stirling, who did a very satisfactory job. Both Engineers are perfectionists, and we were impressed with the workmanship.

We ran it on wood pellets for some weeks, then used logs for a couple of weeks. Both are convenient, with the pellets being practically labour free. We are happy with the heat produced, and with the economy. It works out much cheaper than oil, and the house is warmer.”

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