AC Gold donate to help save the world’s wild tigers

There are as few as 3200 tigers living in the wild today – 95% less than there were a century ago. AC Gold Energy are happy to be able to donate to the WWF so that they can continue their important work to protect the future of the world’s largest big cat.

Where do tigers live?

Tigers live across the world from India to south-eastern China and from the Russian Far East to Sumatra, Indonesia, in habitats as wide ranging as evergreen & monsoon forests, to mixed coniferous-deciduous woodlands and mangrove swamps.

Money donated to the WWF goes towards:

  • Restoring fragmented areas of habitat so tigers can move between them
  • Strengthening anti-poaching patrols around nature reserves
  • Establishing programmes to increase the number of prey available
  • Reducing poaching and illegal trade of live tigers and tiger parts
  • Fund other essential WWF conservation work around the world

About tigers

There are 6 living sub-species of tiger in the world:

  1. Amur (Siberian)
  2. Bengal (Indian)
  3. Indo-Chinese
  4. Malayan
  5. Sumatran
  6. South China

3 other sub-species of tiger; the Bali, Caspian and Javan, are sadly now extinct.

What poses a threat to tigers?

  • Poaching for skins/body parts used in traditional Asian medicines
  • Climate change also puts pressure on the tiger’s environment. Gradually, tigers are being forced into small, scattered islands of remaining habitat, where they are more vulnerable to events such as fire
  • Habitat loss due to farming, forest clearance for the timber trade and human development
  • Decline in natural prey numbers
  • Conflict with humans


If you would like to make a donation to help the world’s wild tigers, you can do so by visiting

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