FiT to be slashed next month. Don’t miss out on your solar benefits

The Government’s controversial plan to halve the feed-in tariff as early as next month has left many people and projects in turmoil throughout the solar industry. It is said countless solar companies and customers alike could be at a loss as thousands fear their installs won’t be in place in time for the feed-in cut off and – in turn – they won’t get the rate they imagined.

One council’s plan to install solar panels on 30 schools has been cancelled as the new tariff rate would leave them at a serious cost loss. This was set to drastically reduce the cost in the power required for the various school buildings. Many are worried as the new rates simply aren’t attractive enough to keep the demand for solar as high and people won’t risk the investment for the reduced return costs. It also seems as if it will drastically reduce the viability of community solar projects.

While many suggest the current feed-in tariff is too generous, more agree that the set cuts are too drastic. As it stands, the Government aims to drop the feed-in tariff on December 12th. The figures being projected suggest these cuts will cost 25,000 jobs and 4,000 companies in the sector.

If the cuts do go ahead, it leaves little time to reap the full benefits of solar and the feed-in tariff. With the profit you could make likely to be slashed next month, don’t waste any time in looking towards your solar investments.

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