Green Deal Consultation Nearing End Date

January 18th sees the end of the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) consultation period on the Green Deal. This is a new scheme expected to launch later this year which aims to help households and businesses finance energy efficiency improvements to their properties, such as loft insulation or wall insulation.

Instead of paying for these measures upfront, the cost will be paid through the property’s electricity bill. The idea behind it is that if these measures are installed the property’s utility bills would be lower. Then under the Green Deal, a repayment amount is added to the electricity bill to keep the total utility bills at around the same level as before the energy efficiency improvements.

For example:

Mr A has electric heating and currently pays £200 per month for his electricity bill. He gets loft insulation installed reducing his electricity charges to £190 per month. Under the Green Deal a charge of £10 per month is added to Mr A’s electricity bill, making his monthly bill £200, the same as it was before.

Mrs B has gas heating and currently pays £50 per month for gas and £150 for electricity, a total of £200 per month. She gets wall insulation installed reducing her gas charges to £45 per month. Under the Green Deal a charge of £5 per month is added to Mrs B’s electricity bill, so she now pays £155 per month on her electricity bill. This makes her total monthly bill £200, the same as it was before.

The figures used above are just to demonstrate how the Green Deal is meant to work and do not represent how much energy is likely to be saved by installing the energy efficiency measures mentioned.

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One of the possibilities that may happen with the consultation on the solar PV Feed-in-Tariff (FiT) is that properties may have to implement all measures applicable to the property under the Green Deal.

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