Large solar constructions in the UK

Blackfriars Station, located in central London, is set to be the site of the biggest solar panel bridge to date. Plans indicate there will be more than 4,400 solar PV cells covering over 6000 square meters. The panels are being installed into a Victorian Bridge that arches over the Thames and acts as the base for the Station.

It has been estimated that about 900,000 kWh of electricity will be produced by the bridge, covering half of Blackfriars’ energy requirements in the process. It is also suggested that the bridge will decrease CO2 emissions by around 511 tonnes per year.

Meanwhile, in Leeds, what is thought to be the largest city centre Solar PV installation in the UK has been launched. The 128kW energy system is set to generate 2,450,000kWh of electricity in 25 years, earning £1.25million on the feed-in tariff. This project, constructed on the roof of the Clarence Dock car park, is also set to save 55,000kg in CO2 emissions yearly.

Projects like this have not only inspired the people to look into further energy solutions alongside this, but have prompted more people and companies to consider the switch to solar.

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