The new hybrid vehicles in mass production: trucks

Most of us are used to hybrid cars being of regular size, designed for the day to day use of normal people. But now, companies from Ford to Volvo are realising the importance of greener vehicles in all sizes and have been working on their own hybrid trucks, designed for more environmentally friendly hauling.

Five of the main hybrid trucks available or in working progress are:
1. Ford F-Series Plug-in hybrid truck. Ford are teaming up with Azure Dynamics to provide such trucks by 2013.
2. Volvo FE Hybrid Truck. Claims their truck reduces CO2 emissions by 20% and fuel consumption by 30%.
3. Canter eco hybrid light duty truck.  Releases up to 41% less Nitrogen Oxide and reduces fuel usage by 20%.
4. Miller diesel-electric hybrid truck
. Uses Eaton’s diesel electric system to power itself.
5. Hino Dutro Hybrid Truc
k. Powered by 100KW diesel engine, 36VKw 350Nm electric motor and 288V NiMH batteries. 10L of fuel per 100km.

It’s good that the motor industry have noted the importance of making all vehicles environmentally viable and this is the next step up from regular hybrid cars. Once hybrid trucks hit the market at full force, the real question is: Where to next?

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