Overhaul of household heating needed for UK to meet CO2 targets

A report published today by the Royal Academy of Engineering shows drastic changes are needed in the way homes are heated in the UK if the country is to meet its targets for carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions reduction. The report, Heat: degrees of comfort, says that the UK cannot meet its 80% reduction targets even with the most efficient gas boilers and the best insulation available today. It recommends that as well as the upcoming Renewable Heat Incentive, further policy measures are required to boost uptake of renewable heating technologies to the levels required.

The Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) is a scheme due to launch later this year to provide a financial incentive to households and businesses to use renewable energy to heat their property. It will work in a similar way to the existing Feed-in-Tariffs (FiTs) for electricity generated from renewable sources. A payment will be made for every unit of heat generated, and the rate will vary between the different technologies.

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