Has your solar PV installer gone bust? AC Gold are here to help

Now that Summer is almost here, AC Gold Energy has noticed a marked increase in enquiries from customers who have had solar panels installed by a 3rd party solar installation company, only to find that when they run into a problem with their panels, the company that installed their solar PV system has gone bust and is no longer trading.

Unfortunatly, with the rush to install solar panels before the feed-in tariff cuts, many unscrupulous “cowboy” solar installers were all too happy to charge their customers¬†exorbitant prices for cheap, second rate products in the full knowledge that they had a small window of opportunity to make as much money as possible before ceasing to trade. Often these companies would hire teams of very pushy sales people who were very good at telling customers whatever they had to, in order to get their money.

The most common enquries that AC Gold Energy have helped customers with are solar panels not generating as much electricity as they used to (or were told they would), or no electricity being generated at all. In one of the worst cases we’ve seen, a customer had been charged almost twice as much as they should have, yet never had their solar PV system registered with Ofgem correctly, so have not been receiving any feed-in tariff payments from the government – for the last three years!

Thankfully, AC Gold Energy have been able to help in most cases; fixing badly installed solar PV systems, replacing faulty or broken inverters, liasing with manufacturers to get new parts under warranty or checking paperwork is filed correctly.

If you have noticed a problem with your solar PV system and would like some honest, reliable advice, or to arrange a solar PV service, please call AC Gold Energy today on tel: <b>01786 849 099</b>. We are a member of RECC, the Renewable Energy Consumer Code meaning that we adhere to very strict rules of conduct which keeps you the consumer protected. We have been installing renewable energy solutions since 2010 and will continue to service our customers (and other peoples customers) in an ethical and professional manner.





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