Vodafone’s step towards sustainability

Vodafone UK is the latest business to produce a sustainability report. Following last year’s offering, the brand offer the opportunity for the public to read the measures it intends to take to make the company less environmentally impacting. Instead of a formal statement viewable by PDF, the company have opted to make a user-friendly website for anyone to scroll at their own leisure.

Their ‘Going Greener’ section talks of how,

“reducing waste is a priority and [they] ask customers to get involved too by giving their unwanted phones for recycling”

Vodafone offer various sub-sections and charts for consumers to view as they wish, which documents their usage over the years.

The company are continuing to forge ahead in not only running a more sustainably powered business, but one that allows the customer to see the efforts they have put in place. With a company as prominent as Vodafone taking note of the advantages and need for cutting unrequired power usage, it’s a fair time for the public to look into energy-saving measures too.

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