AC Gold can carry out biomass boiler servicing for all ETA and Varmebaronen biomass boilers.

An annual biomass service will:
  • Keep your biomass boiler running at its most efficient
  • Ensure the amount of wood you burn is kept to a minimum
  • Help you realise your return-on-investment

Biomass Servicing

AC Gold offer a biomass boiler service to keep your biomass boiler running at its most efficient. We can service ETA biomass boilers up to 200 kW and all Swedish madeVarmebaronen biomass boilers.

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Manual vs Automatic biomass boiler cleaning

Why maintain your biomass boiler?

Consumers should maintain their boiler to make sure that they are getting the most heat from their boiler and fuel as possible. Maintaining your biomass boiler also ensures the highest possible level of efficiency and therefore greater savings.

The burning of logs, wood pellets or woodchip within a biomass boiler produces by-products of ash and tar. Over time these build up, acting as an insulator and preventing heat from transferring properly from the boiler to the water, making the boiler less efficient over time. This is significantly reduced by cleaning your boiler regularly and making sure that you are burning good quality fuel at the correct moisture level.

How often should I service my biomass biomass boiler

How often a biomass boiler should be serviced depends on the boiler manufacturers recommendations, and whether the biomass boiler is a manual cleaning boiler such as an Varmebaronen biomass boiler, or self cleaning boiler like an ETA.

Consumers should read through the maintenance recommendations for their own specific boiler. Additionally, maintenance requirements should be carefully understood and considered prior to purchasing a biomass boiler because this can have a big impact on the long-term cost of your biomass boiler.

Recent Biomass Boiler Boiler Services & Installations

Our case studies section contains some examples of our biomass boiler service and installation work. We are currently able to provide biomass boiler servicing for all Varmebaronen boilers and ETA boiler servicing for all ETA boilers ≤200 kW.

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