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Commercial Solar PV

Generate your own electricity

Use this tool to see an example of what a commercial solar PV system installed in Central Scotland can expect to generate.

System price from*:

Return on investment**:

Choose System Size:

Electricity generated annually*:

Annual feed-in tariff earnings*:

Annual electricity savings*:

Based on electricity cost @14p/kWh

Annual export credit*:

@5.03p/kWh export credit (based on 50% export)

Annual Earning & Combined Savings*:

Combined FIT, Export Credit & Electricity Savings

Feed-in tariff and export credit payments are paid quarterly, for 20 years.

CO2 savings*:

* The system shown represents an average south facing solar PV system, 30 degree roof pitch, located in Central Scotland. All figures are estimated based on MCS approved software. Factors such as location, panel type, pitch, direction and local shading issues will all influence the generation of the system. The EPC rating of your property will also affect the FIT rate which you receive.

AC Gold generate an accurate solar PV generation projection report for each property we survey. So you'll know exactly what to expect from a system installed on your property.

Commercial Solar PV Installation

Installing solar PV panels is one of the easiest ways for your business to benefit from renewable energy; reduce electricity bills, generate additional income and lower your carbon emissions.

  • Earn Feed-in Tariff
  • Sell excess power
  • Reduce electricity bills
  • Reduce Carbon
  • 20 year lifespan

You will be paid a feed-in tariff for every kilowatt of electricity that your solar panels produce and an export credit based on 50% of the generation. The FIT and export credit will be paid for 20 years, with payments adjusted in-line with inflation.

AC Gold Energy have a choice of MCS accredited solar PV systems; from small roof-mounted domestic solar, to large scale commercial solar farms, off-grid bespoke solar PV solutions and even solar PV car charging ports. Installation is fast and causes minimal mess or disruption.

Solar Panel Types

Solar panels come in a variety of colours depending on the technology they use: monocrystalline, polycrystalline or thin film.

So you'll be able to find a panel that best suits the aesthetics of your roof.

Solar PV Inverters

String inverters are the most cost effective choice for most solar PV installations, staying on-par with more modern micro inverters thanks to the inclusion of maximum power point tracker technology which helps overcome shading issues.

Solar PV Mounting Options

Solar panels are most often installed on unused roof space (on-roof or in-roof), but can also be installed on a ground mount system or on a solar car port.

Solar PV Battery Storage

Store the electricity your solar panels produce during the day for use at night - especially useful if you aren't around during the day to make use of the power your panels produce.

The feed-in tariff is a UK government scheme which pays you for every kW of low-carbon electricity that your solar panels produce for 20 years.

Higher FIT Rate


EPC level D - A issued before commissioning date of installation. Owner has less than 25 solar PV installations.

FIT figures updated 1st July 2017

Energy Performance Certificate

To qualify for solar PV feed-in tariff payments, you must provide evidence of your property’s Energy Performance Certificate rating.

Accredited solar PV systems are assigned a feed-in tariff rate (Higher, Middle or Lower) based on the Energy Efficiency Certificate for the building the PV system is installed on (as well as how many solar systems the owner has).

AC Gold can arrange to have an EPC carried out on your property, just call 01786 849 099.

Optimum angle & orientation for solar PV panels

The inclination (angle) and the orientation (direction) that solar panels are installed has an impact on their electrical generation

Solar PV New Build SAP regulations

Solar PV is one of the easiest and cheapest ways of ensuring your new build property meets its required SAP score.

Solar car port

Offering comfort from the elements and a practical space for installing electric generating solar PV panels. Perfect for electric vehicles.

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