AC Gold Energy offer a range of solar PV services including installation and servicing for homes and businesses.

Solar PV offers the opportunity to:
  • Generate additional income
  • Reduce your property's carbon emissions
  • Decrease your energy costs which are forecast to rise by up to 60% by 2025
  • Receive the government backed Feed-in tariff

Solar PV Installation

Installing solar PV panels is one of the easiest ways to benefit from renewable energy; reduce electricity bills, generate additional income and lower your carbon emissions.

AC Gold Energy have a choice of MCS accredited solar PV system; from small roof-mounted domestic solar systems, to large commercial solar farms, off-grid bespoke solar PV solutions and even solar PV car charging ports. Installation is fast and does not cause any mess or disruption.

So whatever your solar PV needs are, we're here to help.

Please call 01786 849 099 to discuss your requirements

Solar PV servicing

Available for both AC Gold installed systems and non AC Gold installed systems

Having trouble with your solar PV system? AC Gold offer a solar PV service package to help get your solar system back up and running quickly. This service will:

  • Identify any fault(s)
  • Where possible fix fault(s) on site
  • If necessary remove any non functioning components and arrange to have them returned to the manufacturer (if under warranty)
  • Arrange a follow up appointment to allow the solar PV engineer complete the repair of the solar PV system

Any work required to fix the solar PV system will be fully agreed upon with the customer and a quote detailing the scope of repairs will be issued before any work commences.

Please call 01786 849 099 to discuss your requirements

Is my property suitable for solar PV?

The direction that your property faces can affect the amount of sunlight that it is expossed to. Any panels on your roof should face in a southern direction to receive the greatest amount of sunlight throughout the day. Although the PV panels are most efficient when facing south they are still very efficient when east and west facing.

The pitch or angle of your roof can make a difference to the amount of sunlight it will receive throughout the day and therefore the amount of energy that can be generated. AC Gold Energy cater to most roof types and your Solar Consultant can discuss your needs with you in detail.

Any shading on your roof area from chimneys, trees or surrounding properties will have a negative impact on the amount of energy your roof panels will be able to produce. Our consultants will work with you when planning the installation to avoid shading wherever possible.

We can tailor our solar panel installs to suit most roof tiles including tiled, slated, corrugated or sealed roofs. Your Solar Consultant can discuss the many options available to you.

If you are located in an area of outstanding beauty or a conservation area you may require planning permission for your solar installation.

Visit Our Showroom

The AC Gold renewable energy showroom in Stirling offers an opportunity to see a range of renewable energy systems on display including solar PV, off-grid power solutions and a range of domestic biomass log and pellet boilers.

AC Gold Renewable Energy Showroom
11 Back O'Hill Industrial Estate, Stirling, FK8 1SH

Mon-Fri: 9am - 5pm