Best angle for solar panels

Optimum angle and orientation for solar PV panels

The inclination (angle) and the orientation (direction) that solar panels are installed has an impact on their electrical generation, although improvements in solar panel technology has made this less of an issue.

Best directon for solar panels to face

The optimum orientation for a solar panel is due south because it will receive sunlight throughout the full duration of the day. However, if the solar panels face south-east/south-west, there is only about a 5% loss in power output compared to a south facing solar system. For solar arrays facing due east or due west there is a reduction of around 15% from the panels maximum potential.

Best angle for solar panels

The following table shows the relative output of solar panels based on their angle and orientation, with 30 or 40 degree latitude, facing due south being the most efficient. This table also indicates that a solar panel on flat roof would only perform 10% percent less than optimal.

The figures above are for UK installed solar PV panels. Please note ther is some variation across the country, with panels in the Highlands of Scotland performing better at a latitude/angle of 40 degrees.

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