Feed-In Tariff

Solar PV Feed-In Tariff Rates

The feed-in tariff (FIT) has been providing payments to owners of solar PV systems since 2010 to promote the uptake of low carbon electricity generation technologies.

The FIT scheme guarantees a minimum payment for all electricity generated by your solar PV system for up to 20 years, with the rate changing in line with inflation in accordance with the Retail Price Index (RPI).

There are 3 ways you you will benefit financially:

Feed-in Tariff:
You get paid for every kWh of electricity your solar panels produce.

Export Tariff:
You get paid for exporting excess electricity produced by your panels back to the National Grid. This is deemed to be 50% of the total generation for domestic installations, and is metered for commercial systems.

Energy Bills Reduction:
Solar panels can help cut your electricity bills. Using power during the daytime or diverting electricity to an immersion unit to heat a hot water tank will maximise your savings. Storing power in batteries for use during the evening is also becoming popular, as the solar battery market matures and prices drop.

The tables below summarise the latest FIT tariffs:

Solar PV Feed-In Tariff

Description Total Installed Capacity (kW) Tariff (p/kWh)
Standard Solar photovoltaic receiving the higher rate 0-10 4.00p
10-50 4.22p
50-250 1.89p
Standard solar photovoltaic receiving the middle rate 0-10 3.60p
10-50 3.80p
50-250 1.70p
Standard solar photovoltaic receiving the lower rate 0-10 0.38p
10-50 0.38p
50-250 0.38p
Standard large solar photovoltaic 250-1000 1.54p
1000-5000 0.38p
Stand-alone solar photovoltaic 0-5000 0.23p

Example of solar PV system earnings with the Feed-In Tariff

The following examples serve as a guide to what you might expect to earn annually from a solar PV system. Please note that AC Gold always conduct a site survey for all solar PV enquiries in order to provide an accurate projection for each customer as to what their solar system can reasonably expect to generate, feed-in tariff earnings and the return-on-investment payback times etc.

4 kW Solar PV

Installed capacity of PV system:
Orientation from south:
0 degrees
Inclination of system – degrees from horizontal:
25 degrees
kWh/kWp (Kk) from table:
Shade Factor:
1 (no shading)
Estimated Annual Output:
3,252 kWh
EPC Band of property:
Band D or above
Annual FIT:


3,252 kWh x 4.14p

Annual Export:


3,252 kWh x 50% x 5.03p

Annual Electricity Savings:


3,252 kwh x 50% x 14 pence

Payback Time

10 Years

20 Year Project Balance


FIT and Export payments stop after 20 years. Electricity savings will continue to be made.

* Electricity Savings based on 14 pence per kWh and 50% usage / 50% export. Further savings can be made by using 100% of electricity generated.

Energy Performance Certificate

For your solar PV system to qualify for UK Feed-In Tariff payments, you must provide evidence that your property has an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) of rating band A to band D. If your EPC is dated prior to the date of your solar installation, the higher feed-in tariff rate will apply. If your carry out an EPC after the date of your solar PV install, you will receive the lower FIT tariff rate. The medium FIT tariff only applies to customers who have 25 or more solar PV systems installed.

Export tariff of 4.14 p/kWh will be paid for every kWh of electricity exported back to the grid (this is assumed to be 50% of your total electrical generation for domestic customers).

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