How Solar PV Works

How solar PV works

With no noise or emissions solar PV panels use the sun’s energy to create electricity to power your home, business, farm or out buildings.

The PV panels are mounted onto your roof, the panels are then connected to an inverter via double insulated cables that run through the attic space to the location of the main board in the house. The inverter converts the DC power generated by the solar panels to AC power that can be used in the home or fed into the grid. An electricity meter connected inline with the inverter measures the amount of power generated by the panels, a remote monitor can also be installed to let the home owner see how much power the panels are generating at any given time.

The power from the panels flows into the existing consumer unit in the house, this power can be used to help power appliances that are in use or can be set up to heat the water via the immersion heater, allowing the household to get the most from the energy that they generate.

With the introduction of the Governments Feed In Tariff scheme this type of technology is a very attractive and lucrative option.

What are the benefits of a solar PV panel installation?

  • They will reduce your carbon foot print and lower your property’s carbon emissions
  • A reduction in energy bills
  • Receive a tax free income for the energy your system has generated but that you haven’t used (Feed In Tariff Scheme)
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