Solar PV Repair

Solar PV Repair and Maintenance Services

Available for both AC Gold installed solar systems and non AC Gold installed solar systems

Having trouble with your solar PV system?
Solar panels stopped generating electricity?

With no moving parts, Solar PV is an extremely reliable energy generation technology, but from time to time, may incur a fault or problem which needs to be fixed.

AC Gold offer a solar PV repair service to help get your solar system back up and running quickly.

Our Solar PV service will:

  • Identify any fault(s)
  • Where possible fix fault(s) on site
  • If necessary remove any non functioning components and arrange to have them returned to the manufacturer (if under warranty)
  • Arrange a follow up appointment to allow the solar PV engineer complete the repair of the solar PV system

Solar Inverter Faults

One of the most common solar PV faults is a malfunctioning or broken inverter. Your solar inverter might lose power completely, or more commonly, will display a fault code. Inverter faults can indicate a problem with the solar inverter itself, or another aspect of the solar PV system, including external issues with the National Grid whivh might cause the inverter to shut down for safety reasons.

If your solar inverter is still covered under warranty, AC Gold can arrange to have it removed and replaced by a new inveter supplied by the manufacturer. Most inverters come with a 5 year warranty. You should be able to find this information in the handover pack provided to you by your original solar PV installer.

If your inverter is out of its warranty period, AC Gold can provide a quote for a replacment inverter of equal or superior quality. Extended warranties are available from most good inverter manufacturers, however, as the cost of string inverters has come down considerably in the last few years, extending your warranty might not be the most economical solution.

Inverter faults usually require an engineer to visit the property twice; once to diagnose the fault, and if the inverter cannot be repaired on site, another visit to repair or replace the inverter.

Solar PV servicing is charged at an hourly rate. The majority of faults can be found and fixed within a few hours. Should repairs require additional work or replacement of major parts, we will discuss the necessary repairs required with the customer, issue a quote and agree a cost before any extra work commences – so you won’t be left with an unexpected bill!

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Solar PV String Faults – DC Cable Faults

Another common fault with solar PV systems is the use of incorrectly made, cheap or faulty direct current (DC) connections, which when exposed to a prolonged period of wet and windy weather, can allow water to enter the connectors.

The quality of workmanship in some solar PV installations can be very poor, with connectors incorrectly fitted or cables not kept supported off the surface of the roof. You might be able to see loose wires from the ground by looking underneath the solar PV panels.

Badly fitted DC connectors will allow water ingress, which can lead to corrosion. Cables and connectors that have not been secured are more likely to accumulate organic debris and bird droppings as they trail across the roof surface. As this organic material biodegrades, it releases ammonia, which can penetrate the connections and accelerate the affects of corrosion.

If the connectors become corroded, electrons will not flow through as efficently and the electrical resistance in the connections increases, causing the connectors to heat up, and increasing the risk of a fire hazard. Good quality inverters will detect current leakage and report an insulation resistance fault, also known as Riso or isolation fault. The solar inverter might shut down to reduce the likelihood of fires, in which case, the log file may need to be checked to find the error message.

In more rare occasions, AC Gold have discovered solar PV systems in which the solar panesl have been incorrectly connected, such as panels from more than one roof orientation being included on the same DC string – resulting in a much lower electrical yield from the solar panels because when you split a string across the two roofs, the maximum output current will be limited by the cells with the least direct sunlight.

Got a problem with your inverter?

Check your solar PV inverter’s display for error messages or fault codes which may indicate or diagnose a problem with your solar PV system.

Fronius Inverters Fault Codes

Aurora Inverters Fault Codes

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